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Approved by Browsers has been registered as a joint initiative by Chris and Barbara who have worked together for just over 20 years, offering complementary skills to a number of clients. This holding page will be replaced by one website which means that we can concentrate on maintaining, optimising and promoting just one site.

Professional Solutions: Chris is the primary web site designer, proficient in html, css, scripts, and delivers cms (Wordpress) and e-commerce sites. He also has a number of clients on PC-support contracts throughout Herts and surrounding areas.

The Bee Primrose Co (The BPc): Barbara focuses on taking websites further, whether they have been written by herself, Chris or someone else, by optimising the content and increasing their popularity on the internet, working with clients as a member of the team.

Our client base comprises small to medium businesses and we have a network of contacts for additional SME services, if required.

Call Chris on 01438 813568 or Barbara on 01462 618481
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